Best Cocktail Smokers ~ 2023

We’ll be sharing tips and tricks for successful cocktail smoking, and our favorite brands.

BEST Cocktail Smoker

Welcome to the world of cocktail smoking!

If you are looking for a unique experience, one that cleverly combines both science and flavor in one tantalizing package, then let us introduce you to the exciting world of cocktail smokers.

Taking anything ordinary and transforming it into something extraordinary- that's the secret behind a great-tasting smoked drink.

We've searched through many brands and features for innovative options when it comes to this distinctive craft.

Today we’ll be sharing tips and tricks for successful cocktail smoking, and some of our favorite brands.

Ready to ignite your curiosity?

Ready to add some classy fun to your home bar?

Let’s dive right in!

What Is A Cocktail Smoker?

A fun way to up your cocktail game, these little contraptions are quickly gaining popularity among mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts alike.

Not to mention, they are a fun, perfect gift for the whiskey or other cocktail drinker in your life.

Essentially, a cocktail smoker is a device that infuses aromatic smoke into a drink, adding a unique and delicious smokey flavor profile to your favorite cocktail.

But why are they becoming so popular?

Well, for starters, cocktails have become more than just a way to get a buzz.

They're a way to explore new flavors, experiment with unique ingredients, and even showcase your creativity.

Infuse your drinks with different types of wood chips, fruits, and herbs, resulting in a truly one-of-a-kind drinking experience.

Types of Cocktail Smoking

There are two basic types of cocktail smokers, the hot smoke infuser and cold smoke infuser.

Hot Smoking

Hot smoking means the burn chamber sits directly on top of the cocktail glass, infusing the smoke directly into one drink with a butane torch.

During hot smoking, the butane torch is used to burn the smoking chips and release the smoke flavor down into the cocktail.

Cold Smoking

Cold smoking is done with a smoking gun. Wood chips are added to the smoking gun and lit with a flame.

A fan in the electric smoking gun draws on the wood chips to keep them burning.

The smoke is delivered through a tube into a glass dome, glass cloche, or cocktail smoking box to surround the contents in aromatic smoke.

The cold smoke infuser is not only great for smoked cocktails but is a versatile smoker apparatus that can also add smoky flavor to cheeses, meats, or any other foods.

So if you're looking to up your mixology skills and impress your guests, or give the best gift this holiday season, check out a cocktail smoker kit.

Cheers to delicious drinks and good times!

Our Review Process

With so many brands and models on the market, how do you know which one to choose?

Sit back and relax with your favorite cocktail.

At RadishRoses, we have done the legwork and researched thousands of features and reviews to bring you our picks for the 3 best cocktail smokers.

Our Picks For Best Cocktail Smoker

Smoking Gun Universal Cocktail Smoker Kit


Smoking Gun Universal Cocktail Smoker Kit

Check Current Price on AMAZON

Looking to smoke more than drink? This cocktail smoking kit is for you!

-The kit includes 7 different flavored wood chips, a dome lid to accommodate meats or cheeses, a tall smoking cloche, and a disk lid to smoke cocktails in the glass.

-The electric cold smoking gun includes 4 AA batteries and has two fan speeds to draw the smoke and blow it through the tube and into the included smoke infuser vessel of your choice.

-You can buy several add-on accessories to create a real WOW factor, including an edible bubble solution to put a bubble of smoke on top of the cocktail glass!

-1-year warranty

-Dimensions: 17.56 x 11.77 x 6.42 inches

SMOKEOLOGIST Whiskey, and Old Fashioned Cocktail Smoker Kit


SMOKEOLOGIST Cocktail Smoker Kit

Check Current Price on AMAZON

-The Smokeologist cocktail smoking kit comes with 8 different wood flavors (apple, pecan, walnut, peach, oak, beech, pear, and cherry), more then most other cocktail smokers.

-Complete kit with a butane torch, wood smoke infuser lid, and recipe ideas for smoking popular cocktails.

-The whole cocktail smoker kit comes in a beautiful luxurious wooden gift box.

-Package Dimensions: 11.18 x 8.11 x 2.91 inches

Smoky Crafts Cocktail Smoker Kit


Smoky Crafts Cocktail Smoker Kit

Check Current Price on AMAZON

-The Smoky Crafts smoking kit is an attractive addition to your home bar. The smoking box is made of high-quality materials.

-It fits 2 drinks or can be used to smoke meats and cheeses.

-The kit includes apple and cherry wood chip flavors.

-The smoking gun is lit with a flame, and a battery-operated fan draws the smoke down and blows it through the tube and into the cocktail smoking box.

-Dimensions: 5.9 x 10.2 x 5.7 inches

Tips For Using a Cocktail Smoker

Using a cocktail smoker sounds delicious and impressive, however, it can be a little intimidating if you've never used one before.

Fear not! With a few helpful tips, you'll be making cocktails and smoking like a pro in no time.

First, choose wood chips to complement your drink. Hickory, white oak, and applewood chips are all popular fuels for the wood smoke infuser that can add different flavors to your drink.

There are even wood chips made from used bourbon barrels!

Less is more with the chips. You do not need to add a lot of wood chips to the burn chamber of the smoker to get plenty of smoke to flavor your drink.

Additionally, don't forget to give your cocktail a good stir after smoking to distribute the flavor evenly.

Finally, experiment with cocktail smoking time. Smoking cocktails could take anywhere from 20 seconds to a minute can be a matter of taste!

Don't be afraid to play with times, after all, you can drink your mistakes!

Use whiskey cubes or large ice balls to cool your drink without watering it down as quickly as with traditional ice cubes.

Always be careful with heat and open flame!

With these tips in mind, you'll be impressing your guests with perfectly smoked cocktails in no time.


Questions about cocktail smokers - FAQs

Why do you smoke bourbon?

Smoking a quality bourbon is the perfect way to savor every flavor and nuance of the spirit in its purest form. Smoke infuses into the drink, creating an aromatic beverage that has a unique flavor profile compared to neat or on-the-rocks bourbons.

Adding smoke to your glass not only enhances the experience for you but also makes it visually pleasing for others around you.

The light, mellow smell of smoked bourbon creates a pleasant atmosphere in any setting and adds an extra level of sophistication to your occasion.

The main reason people smoke their whiskey is that several flavors become activated during the smoking process - notes like vanilla, caramel, tropical fruit, chocolate etcetera reveal themselves while heating up via flames or smoldering wood chips depending on how much you choose to use in each session.

But this should not be confused with barrel aging; barrels used for aging whiskeys will typically contain creosote compounds which contribute additional flavors while smoking does not add any chemical components at all so flavour profiles stay true natural aromas present in the liquid itself without artificial additives!

How long do you leave smoke in a cocktail?

When it comes to getting just the right amount of smoke in a cocktail, there's an art and science behind it. Depending on what kind of flavor you're looking for, you can leave the smoke in your drink anywhere from 15-30 seconds.

For softer smoky flavors, keep it at 15-20 seconds.

For bolder smoky flavor notes, aim for 30 seconds or more.

The longer you leave the smoke in your drink, the more intense the aromas and taste will be.

Of course, remember that each person's palate is different so experiment with times until you find just the right amount of smoke!

When smoking a cocktail at home there are several important tips to keep in mind: Choose your wood chips wisely - some woods like hickory or mesquite will overpower other ingredients so stick with gentler options such as white oak or applewood; use cold smoking if possible.

Low heat helps preserve delicate ingredients and subtle flavors; don't forget to monitor temperature - temperatures above 180°F/82°C can lead to a bitter taste; and finally give time for all ingredients to mix properly after adding smoked elements - this will help bring out their best characteristics.

What is the best wood for smoking an Old-Fashioned?

If you’re looking to smoke an Old-Fashioned, there is no single “best wood” - many different types of woods can be used to give your drink a unique flavor.

The key is finding the right balance between the intensity of the smoke and the type of flavors you want to achieve.

When it comes to smoking an Old-Fashioned, hickory and mesquite are two popular options that offer big smoky flavors in combination with sweet notes derived from their sugars.

Hickory has a long history as one of the most commonly used woods for grilling and smoking due to its strong flavor profile.

It's also known for producing heavy clouds of smoke that carry a mild sweetness when burned properly.

Mesquite, on the other hand, comes packed with strong earthy tones that pack more heat than hickory while still offering a pleasant aroma when smoked correctly.

For those looking for something less intense but equally flavorful, applewood is another great choice for smoking an old-fashioned.

It produces light smoky notes paired with subtle hints of sweetness which make it perfect for bringing out sweeter elements in cocktails like the Old-Fashioned.

What wood is not good for smoking?

When smoking, it is important to choose the right type of wood to ensure a good flavor.

Different types of wood will impart distinct flavors onto whatever is being smoked, so selecting the correct one can be key to achieving the intended result.

Generally speaking, coniferous woods (like pine and fir) are not recommended for smoking as they contain high concentrations of sap and resin that create an unpleasant taste in your finished product.

Furthermore, these resinous woods can produce large amounts of creosote which can stick to your smoker and create an unhealthy build-up over time.

Hardwoods such as oak, hickory, mesquite, pecan and fruitwoods (such as apple or cherry) are more suitable choices for smoking because they burn hot yet slowly; imparting rich flavors without too much smokiness or bitterness.

Additionally, hardwoods tend to have fewer toxins than softwoods due to their lower levels of sap - making them much safer when cooking with smoke over long periods.

It’s also worth noting that chemically treated wood should not be used for smoking cocktails at all.

With all the added benefits of using one of these incredible appliances, it's easy to see why cocktail smokers are so popular right now.

While we've provided reviews and tips on choosing the best type for you, it's always important to do your own research before purchasing a product.

Click the link under any of the smokers reviewed to take a closer look!

Taking all the information into consideration will ensure that you make an informed decision when investing in a cocktail smoker kit.


~Renee A.