The Best Dual Coffee Makers-Shopping Guide

A guide to important features to look for when you buy a dual coffee maker. Our picks for the best Dual Coffee Makers on the market today.

The Best Dual Coffee Maker

Coffee lovers, unite!

We know how important it is to satisfy caffeine cravings and make quick work of your morning routine.

That's why we've done the heavy lifting in researching the best dual coffee maker available on the market today.

What IS a dual coffee maker?

A dual coffee maker brews a pot of coffee as well as a single cup.

There can be quite a bit of variety in the components of a dual-brew coffee maker.

The single-serve brewer, instead of a drip coffee maker, might be a K-cup brewer, or even an espresso maker, complete with milk frother.

In some models, the glass carafe coffee pot of the drip coffee maker is replaced by a thermal carafe or travel mug to keep your freshly brewed coffee warm.

Some dual coffee makers even incorporate a cold brew or iced coffee maker.

You would be surprised at how many variations of the dual coffee maker combination are available!

Here we will break down all of the features of the best dual coffee makers so you can decide if this product would be a good fit for your lifestyle and brewing needs.

No matter how much coffee you drink, if you are a coffee lover like me, you will appreciate the flexibility a dual coffee brewer can provide.

Combining two coffee maker appliances into one can also save valuable countertop space.

Whether you are brewing coffee for a busy household with multiple tea or coffee drinkers or just love the choice to make all your favorites using one appliance, our comprehensive review of the best dual coffee makers will provide everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

So let's get started – grab a cup of joe and let's explore what these incredible dual coffee makers can do!

Our Review Process for Best Dual Coffee Maker

Struggling to find the right dual coffee maker for you?

With so many different designs, features and prices it can feel overwhelming.

Especially if you haven't had your morning coffee!

Trying to make the perfect cup of delicious coffee shouldn't be this hard.

Don't waste your time searching for reliable reviews.

We've already done it for you!

We have researched thousands of reviews to bring you the ultimate list of the best dual coffee makers.

We included drip coffee makers, iced coffee makers, single cup and tea brewers in this list.

Two-way coffee maker / espresso machines are also available, but we will focus on those in another review.

Whether you're looking for specific features such as a glass carafe vs stainless steel thermal carafe, k cups versus standard coffee maker, a milk frother or cold brewed system... or just plain want a quick cup of coffee every morning, this list will help you find the best dual coffee maker for your needs!

Our Picks for Best Dual Coffee Makers:

Ninja CP307 Hot and Cold Brewed System Dual Coffee Maker


Ninja Dual Brew Pro

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What Stands Out:

  • Hot water dispenser
  • Brew settings for single-serve coffee drinks and teas

The Details:

  • Small footprint takes up less kitchen counter space - dimensions: 11.39"D x 9.12"W x 15.54"H
  • Can brew a pot or single cup sizes 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz
  • Brew using K-cup coffee pods or your own ground coffee beans
  • 5 brew settings for delicious coffee drinks, including:
  • Classic - regular coffee brewing process
  • Rich - stronger brew coffee
  • Over Ice - A hot brew meant to be brewed on top of ice.
  • Cold Brew coffee - a cooler setting for brewing coffee over ice
  • Specialty - Super concentrated brew for espresso and cappuccino style drinks and chai and matcha tea lattes
  • For the tea drinkers, 6 tea settings to adjust water to the optimal steeping temperature
  • Hot water dispenser for hot cocoa or oatmeal
  • Fold-away hot and cold tea and milk frother
  • 60 oz water reservoir
  • Choose either a glass or thermal carafe included with your two-way coffee maker

The Downside:

  • More expensive than most dual coffee makers
  • The taller machine might not fit under the cabinet

Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew Trio, Programmable Coffee Maker


Hamilton Beach Flex Brew Trio

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What Stands Out:

  • Reasonably priced
  • Travel mug compatible

The Details:

  • Dimensions: 11.4"D x 12.2"W x 13.7"H
  • The dual coffee maker can brew a single cup using  a K-cup coffee pod or freshly ground coffee
  • Glass carafe with a hot plate to keep coffee hot (2-hour auto shut-off)
  • Brew a full 12-cup pot with a drip coffee maker or up to 14 oz serving using k cup single-serve brewer
  • Removable drip tray to accommodate a taller travel mug
  • Lower priced than other dual coffee makers

The Downside:

  • Reviewers say the water reservoir can be difficult to fill, especially if stored under a cabinet.

Keurig K-Duo, Dual Coffee Maker


Keurig K-Duo

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What Stands Out:

  • Fast brewing - Keurig K Duo coffee maker is ready to brew a single cup of hot coffee any time
  • Easy to use

The Details:

  • Keurig K Duo coffee maker has a small footprint, and takes up the least kitchen counter space overall -dimensions: 12.76"D x 10.94"W x 12.92"H
  • Brew single cup using K-cup coffee pod or ground coffee
  • Brew 6, 8, 10, or 12 cups in the pot and 6, 8, 10, or 12 oz cup single-serve
  • Programmable up to 24 hours in advance for a freshly brewed pot
  • Single removable water reservoir
  • Glass coffee pot carafe with a hot plate to keep coffee hot (2-hour auto shut-off)
  • The Keurig K duo coffee maker has a removable drip tray to fit up to 8" travel mug

The Downside:

  • The Keurig K Duo coffee maker is higher priced than other dual coffee makers

Best Dual Coffee Maker FAQs

There is so much variety in Dual Coffee Makers, it can be hard to make a decision.

You want to have all the information possible to make a well-informed choice.

Buying a quality dual coffee maker can be a big investment, after all, and you want to make a good choice that can last you for several years.

Here are some questions others have had regarding dual coffee makers.

We hope you find some answers to any lingering questions you might have before making your final choice to buy.

Q: Does a more expensive coffee maker make a difference?

A: Absolutely!

A more expensive coffee maker can make a significant difference in terms of the quality

There are several important factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right coffee maker.

First and foremost, an expensive dual coffee maker model typically offers greater temperature control than cheaper models, which is key for producing the best-tasting cup of coffee with optimal flavor and aroma extraction.

This allows you to get the perfect balance between bitter and sour notes in each brew - something that cannot be achieved with standard coffee makers.

Additionally, you’ll also benefit from higher brewing speed; many premium models will heat up quickly so you don’t have to wait long for your first mug of joe in the morning.

The result is delicious and consistent cups day after day!

Lastly, an expensive machine will come equipped with features such as easy-to-use digital displays where users can select various settings according to their own particular preferences or enjoy specialty drinks like cappuccinos or latte macchiatos at home.

In conclusion, if it is within your budget range then investing in a more expensive coffee maker might just make all the difference when it comes to your daily caffeine fix!

Q: What is the average lifespan of a ninja coffee maker?

A: The average lifespan of a ninja coffee maker is approximately five to seven years.

This is very dependent upon the specific model coffee maker and the frequency of its use.

The Ninja dual coffee makers are made from durable materials and have a long life expectancy that can extend up to ten years or more with proper maintenance.

They not only offer convenience but also reliability for their users.

For example, their Coffee Bar Brewer Machines come with an auto-iQTM Technology which uses pre-programmed settings to ensure consistent flavor extraction for all types of brews, regardless of type (espresso shot, hot tea bags etc.), size (full cup or travel mug) and strength (regular or bold).

This feature alone greatly increases the lifespan of your machine since it prevents wear and tear regularly associated with large brewing cycles.

Their coffee makers also make use of permanent filters rather than paper filters – so you don’t have to replace them every month and spend extra money on replacements either!

The combination of this plus all other features provides increased longevity as there is little chance that something will go wrong quickly due to a lack of quality parts/pieces.

In addition, having access to Ninja customer service can certainly be beneficial when it comes time for any necessary repairs or maintenance work you may need to be done to keep your coffee machine running smoothly for many more years into the future!

Q: What brand of coffee machine does Starbucks use?

A: In the United States and many other countries, the majority of cafes are outfitted with state-of-the-art La Marzocco GB/5 espresso machines.

Starbucks is an iconic coffee chain, handling about 4 million customers each day!

As such, it’s no surprise that they use top-of-the-line commercial coffee machines for their stores.

When it comes to what brand of coffee machine they use, the answer depends on which Starbucks location you're asking about.

In the United States and many other countries, the majority of cafes are outfitted with state-of-the-art La Marzocco GB/5 espresso makers.

These machines are widely praised in the industry for their consistent output and reliable performance even under heavy volumes.

For smaller stores or kiosks without baristas or dedicated space for espresso machines, automatic brewers from trusted brands like Fetco and Curtis might be used instead.

Finally - at select high-traffic locations where extra volume is needed - you may find large BUNN batch brewers or Manual Pourovers from Marco Beverage Systems being used as well.

So while variations exist based on size and type of café layout throughout different regions around the world, one common thread remains true -- Starbucks takes great pride in using only quality equipment that allows them to consistently brew espresso and serve up delicious cups of joe!

Q: Is it cheaper to use coffee pods?

A: Many people are surprised to find out that coffee pods can help save money in the long run.

When it comes to getting your daily caffeine fix, coffee pods such as K cup pods, offer an abundance of benefits in terms of convenience and cost-efficiency.

The cost of a single-serve coffee using a pod coffee machine is typically around 25 cents per cup.

That's significantly less than a regular coffee from your local cafe or drive-through which can range from $1-$2 per cup.

Additionally, because you only brew one serving at a time with a single-serve coffee maker, there’s virtually no waste.

You will get the full flavor and strength for each cup without ever sacrificing quality or having excess coffee grounds disappear down the kitchen drain!

Another appealing aspect of using smaller pod coffee machines is that you don't need to buy large amounts of specialty blends or brands as you would with a traditional coffee machine found in stores.

Instead, you simply choose the K cup pods with the type of flavors and strength desired before brewing each round.

Coffee machines using single-serve coffee pods also make it easier for customers to try new types since they won't have to worry about purchasing too much if their preferences change, making it both more convenient and affordable!

Finally, if all else fails - many companies such as Nespresso & Keurig offer reward programs where consumers receive discounts on new product purchases when they recycle used coffee pods so even those who tend towards higher consumption will be able to benefit financially over time through these loyalty offers!

All told - these advantages make choosing an economic single serve coffee maker a no-brainer over traditional methods when it comes to keeping your caffeine craving satisfied while saving money at the same time.

Q: What does K stand for in K Cup?

A: K-cup stands for Keurig Cup.

This type of coffee maker was invented by John Sylvan and patented in 1998.

The "K" is a representation of the company name, Keurig, which created and produces single-serve cups.

Keurig first came on the scene back in 1992 when it started selling home coffee makers to make single-serve gourmet coffee right from your kitchen.

Not long after that, they introduced their signature K-Cup product – premeasured packs of ground coffee sealed within an individual single-serve filter cup with a plastic lid.

The convenience of this product made it popular among busy people who wanted to enjoy premium quality coffees without sacrificing time or taste.

The single-serve format also provides better waste management since you don’t need to use a full pot each time you want just one cup.

Additionally, the variety available means each user can customize their perfect cup without having to go through dozens of trial and error processes as was typical with traditional brewers before this breakthrough innovation from Keurig!

Q: Are Keurig K-Cups being discontinued?

A: No, Keurig K-Cups are not being discontinued!

Although there have been rumors to the contrary, Keurig Green Mountain Inc., the parent company of Keurig, has officially confirmed that they will continue offering their popular K-Cup coffee pods for many years to come.

In a statement released in January 2015, Keurig stated: "Keurig plans to continue offering its current variety of K-Cups and other single serve packs including Vue packs and Rivo packs [espresso] for customers regardless of who manufactures them… We have no plans or intentions at this time to discontinue our amazing selection of coffees."

Despite these assurances from the parent company itself, there was still some confusion about whether or not Keurig would keep producing its signature K-Cup pods.

This was mainly due to a 2014 patent expiration which allowed competitors such as Reily Foods Company’s “Private Selections” brand and Kraft Food Group’s “Gevalia” brand pods to be used in the same brewers as genuine Keurig products.

However, this did not stop customers from buying original K-cups directly from authorized dealers; it just enabled them with more variety when shopping for compatible products.

Overall, it is clear that due to their immense popularity among consumers and considerable success as a business model (notably having sold over 10 billion K Cups since 2004!), it seems unlikely that we will see any sort of official discontinuation announcement anytime soon!

Q: Why not to use Keurig?

A: Some choose to avoid using Keurig machines because the K-Cups are wasteful, limited control of coffee quality and the cost of the brewer.

Keurig has been a popular choice for coffee lovers for many years but there are several reasons why you might want to consider avoiding it.

First, Keurig machines typically use pre-packaged single-serve pods called K-cups which create significantly more waste than a pot of coffee from a drip coffee maker.

The plastic K-cups are not recyclable in all locations due to the complexity of the material used.

This means that each single-serve capsule or ground coffee pod ends up in landfills, where they can take centuries to decompose - far longer than their lifespan as a usable cup!

Second, Keurigs come with limited options when it comes to flavors and coffee varieties.

Even if you buy an eclectic variety of K-cup pods, they generally only contain ground coffee beans from large suppliers who don't necessarily prioritize quality or freshness.

On the other hand, using freshly ground beans ensures that your coffee will retain its flavor properties and aroma much better than instant coffee grounds would.

So even if you purchase high-quality ground coffee at your grocery store or online you won't get the same flavor as grinding up whole beans yourself.

Thirdly, Keurigs tend to be more expensive than traditional drip coffee makers since they require replacement parts like filters and water lines regularly (and these don’t always come cheap!).

Plus it's also often difficult to find places that sell compatible parts leaving users stuck without any additional support when something does go wrong with their machine.

Lastly, Keurig machines aren't always built as robustly as some other dual coffee makers which means they could easily break down after just a few years in use rather than lasting well over a decade like some higher-quality coffee makers – leaving yet another appliance headed for landfill sites around the world further increasing our environmental impact.

So while having convenient access to hot drinks is nice, unfortunately it might not be the most environmentally friendly decision.

Ultimately, we each need to make the decision for ourselves, if we can mitigate the environmental impact enough to justify the decadence of having instant coffee at the ready.

So Which Dual Coffee Maker Is Right for You?

Thank you for taking the journey with us!

At RadishRoses, we are confident that our list of the best dual coffee makers will have provided you with valuable information in making your own decision.

With ample options to choose from, the search through all the available dual coffee makers can become overwhelming and we hope that these reviews have narrowed down your selection considerably and provide you with a starting point.

Before committing to purchasing any of the dual coffee makers, ensure that all of its features, functions and pricing align with your preferences.

At the end of the day, you should purchase a product that fits your needs perfectly without compromising quality or performance.

Happy coffee drinking!