The Best Lefse Griddle (and All the Tools to Make Your Own)

All the Tools You Need to Get Started Making Norwegian Potato Lefse

Best Lefse Grill

Lefse, the traditional Norwegian potato flatbread, holds a special place in the hearts and stomachs of many, including myself. We eat lefse at every holiday gathering, including Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, if there is any left!

Many in my family have made lefse, including my grandma, who was one of the old Lutheran church basement ladies who prepared traditional lutefisk and lefse dinners for the church. I never learned from her, but was given a lesson in lefse making when I took home economics in eigth grade.

We have been regular customers of (what I would consider) the best midwest lefse baking company, Countryside Lefse, for a very long time. I do not get any commission from their sales, but I am happy to promote their product because they are the absolute best at what they do. Their lefse is as close as it gets to how I remember my grandma's lefse.

My mom never really got much into making her own lefse, so we bought it and also got some from my aunt, who makes her own. That said, it is a cultural art and tradition that I wanted to preserve, so with the experienced assistance of my aunt, my mom and I have started making lefse every year before the holidays. There is nothing that compares to taking the time to bond with family and go through the process of making lefse yourself.

Making lefse with my girls

Every lefse-making enthusiast knows that to successfully make lefse, several special tools are needed, including a high-quality griddle. How does one choose the best lefse grill? Fear not, because we have done the research for you and compared features and customer reviews of the top choices. This article will guide you through the top lefse griddles, their features, maintenance, and care. Beyond grills, this article will make sure you have all the tools you need to bake lefse like a pro.

Top Lefse Griddles

Although there are non-electric griddles available that heat on your stove, I would not recommend that method. Electric griddles provide a large cooking surface. They heat evenly, and the temperature can be adjusted quickly to cook your lefse perfectly. Lefse baking in my family has been done on an electric griddle for as long as I can remember, so this article will focus on electric griddles.

Highly rated electric griddles include the Bethany Heritage Griddle and Addis Electric Griddle. When evaluating lefse griddles, consider factors such as size, even heat distribution, non-stick surface, and material, as well as the low outer rim design to allow for turning the lefse.

Addis Electric Griddle

The Addis griddle is mainly intended for cooking Ethiopian Injera, but it seems this griddle is a perfect choice for making lefse. This griddle will serve multiple purposes in your kitchen, such as making crepes, pancakes, tortillas, and of course, injera.

  • Multiple heating coils for even cooking
  • Excellent customer service
  • Non-stick surface
  • Generous 16-inch size

Bethany Heritage Griddle


Click for Info ($152.99 on Amazon)

For the purist, who wants to do it the way mom or grandma did. With the traditional aluminum surface, the Bethany griddle is the most commonly used style of lefse griddle. This griddle is best used only for lefse or heating tortillas. Oil or grease should never be used on an aluminum griddle used for cooking lefse.

  • 16-inch size
  • Aluminum surface
  • Wood handles
  • Replacement parts available on manufacturer website

The Downside: Some users say the griddle does not heat evenly, with only a single coil.

Electric lefse grills provide distinctive features such as overflow spouts on the deep edge rim for spill and splatter control, heat-resistant legs, hardwood handles, and a safety ensured UL listed probe control. Some models even include a full range of dial temperatures from warming to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, making them an all-purpose grill suitable for various culinary tasks.

Other Essential Lefse-Making Tools

In addition to a superior lefse griddle, other indispensable tools are crucial to craft the flawless Norwegian flatbread. These tools include:

  • A corrugated lefse rolling pin with cover
  • A lefse turning stick
  • A pastry board set with cloth
  • Potato ricer
Lefse Making Tools

Together, these tools work in harmony, allowing you to prepare dough, roll out thin, even sheets of lefse, making it easier to handle and cook on the griddle.

Corrugated Lefse Rolling Pin

A special rolling pin, called a corrugated lefse rolling pin, is crafted to roll out slender and uniform sheets of lefse dough. The corrugated grooves on the surface of the special rolling pin effectively eliminate aircreate the authentic markings on the lefse rounds, giving them that distinct appearance. Typically crafted from hardwoods like hard maple, these rolling pins measure around 2 3/4” x 17 1/4”.

Bethany Housewares Wood Rolling Pin

To prevent the rolling pin from sticking to the dough, a rolling pin sock or cover is often used. Nurses would find this is one more perfect use for the multi-functional Tubi-grip (not that we would ever condone cutting an 18-inch length for personal use). This simple accessory ensures a smooth rolling process and helps maintain the pin’s longevity.

Bethany Housewares Rolling Pin Cover

The combination of a corrugated lefse rolling pin and a cloth sleeve is a must-have for any serious lefse maker.

Lefse Turning Stick

The lefse turner holds equal importance in the lefse-making process. This slender, flat tool is used to delicately slide under the lefse sheet and lift it away from the surface without tearing or deforming the delicate dough. Made from materials such as pine, birch, or spruce, a typical lefse turning stick has a length of approximately 24 inches and a width of 1.5 inches.

Rosemaling on Lefse turning stick

Lefse sticks often have a painted handle with traditional Scandinavian folk artwork called Rosemaling.

Bethany Housewares Lefse Turning Stick

Using a lefse turner requires a certain finesse. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Slide the stick under the lefse sheet in the center, ensuring the tip of the stick is facing downwards.
  2. Carefully lift the sheet from the pastry board and lay sheet in half-circle on griddle and roll stick toward folded side of lefse sheet to unfold sheet flat onto griddle.
  3. When one side is cooked, slide the stick under the lefse sheet in the center, and lift off the griddle.
  4. Lay uncooked side down in half-circle onto griddle. Roll the turner to open the lefse flat with uncooked side down.
  5. When cooked, slide stick under lefse in the center and lift off the griddle. Lay, folded in half, onto a clean dish towel. Fold again, into a quarter circle, and cover with another towel, so they do not dry out while cooling.

Mastering the use of a lefse turner stick is essential for achieving perfectly cooked and intact lefse rounds.

Pastry Board Set with Cover

Lefse is rolled out on a flat surface using liberal amounts of flour. A round pastry board is used with a pastry cloth cover to maintain a well-floured non-stick surface.

Bethany Housewares 20 Inch Pastry Board and Cloth Set

Potato Ricer

This might seem like an optional convenience, but any lefse maker will tell you, part of the dough preparation includes "ricing" the cooked potatoes. This method can only be achieved with a "Potato Ricer".

PriorityChef Large 15oz Potato Ricer

Lefse Griddle Starter Kits

If you are mentally adding the cost for all of these specialty tools, never fear! Most of these gadgets can be passed on or borrowed from relatives or picked up at a thrift store or estate sale for a fraction of the cost.

If you would rather start with new items, totally understandable! For lefse-making beginners, a lefse griddle starter kit serves as an excellent starting point. These kits typically include:

  • An electric griddle
  • A lefse turning stick
  • A corrugated lefse rolling pin
  • A rolling pin cover
  • Additional accessories such as a pastry board and pastry cloth set

By having all these items in one kit, beginners can conveniently get started with making lefse without having to search for each item separately.

Lefse kits are available with or without a griddle, so you could choose a different brand of griddle, if you prefer. If you did choose the Bethany brand starter kit, it is available with either an aluminum or a non-stick version of the electric grill.

Bethany Housewares Lefse Starter Kit

Additionally, the kit usually comes with instructions or a guide on how to make lefse, making it easier for beginners to follow along. Some also include a lefse mix. I have never used a lefse mix, but it might be a way to get started quickly and easily.

Having all the essential tools in one kit saves beginners the trouble of searching for and purchasing each item separately. Furthermore, investing in a starter kit can be more cost-effective compared to buying each item separately.

With a lefse griddle kit in hand, even a novice can soon master the art of making delicious, authentic Norwegian lefse bread and learn how to bake lefse with ease.

Lefse Grill Features to Look For

Choosing a lefse griddle involves considering specific features that will guarantee superior results. Here are some key features to look for:

  • A large, flat, round cooking surface for even heat distribution and consistent cooking of the lefse
  • A non-stick surface to prevent the lefse from sticking and ensure easy flipping
  • Adjustable temperature control to customize the cooking temperature
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance for convenience

By keeping these features in mind, you can confidently choose the perfect lefse griddle tailored to your needs.

Heat-Resistant Handles and Legs

Considering the high temperatures of a lefse griddle, heat-resistant plastic or hardwood handles and legs are a vital feature. They provide protection from burns, stability and prevent the transmission of heat to the surface it is placed on, protecting countertops and other surfaces from damage caused by the elevated temperatures used in cooking lefse. Moreover, heat-resistant and slide-resistant legs ensure that the griddle remains stable and secure during use, thereby decreasing the likelihood of accidents or spills.

Despite having heat resistant legs, you might want to place your griddle on a heat resistant surface to protect your countertops, because scorching has been known to happen. Better safe than sorry!

Flat Cooking Surface

The importance of a flat cooking surface to bake lefse bread is indisputable. A flat surface ensures even heat distribution, allowing the lefse to cook consistently and preventing hot spots. This ultimately results in perfectly cooked lefse with the right texture and taste.

A flat cooking surface also makes it easier to flip and handle the lefse during the cooking process. When selecting a lefse griddle, ensure that it is:

  • Approximately 40 cm wide (16 inches) to provide ample space for rolling and flipping the flatbread
  • Consider the material of the griddle, as different materials conduct heat differently, affecting the evenness of heat distribution
  • Aluminum or cast iron griddles are recommended for optimal performance.

Versatile Uses of Lefse Griddles

The use of some lefse griddles extends beyond merely making lefse. For non-stick coated griddles, their smooth cooking surface and adjustable temperature settings make them versatile enough for various culinary tasks, such as cooking crepes, pancakes, grilled sandwiches, and burgers. Their even heat distribution and non-stick surface ensure that each dish is cooked to perfection.

Investing in a high-quality lefse griddle can open up a world of delicious possibilities in your kitchen.

Lefse Grill Maintenance and Care

Correct maintenance and care of your electric lefse grill is vital to guarantee its durability and performance. By following the right cleaning techniques and storing the griddle correctly, you can enjoy making lefse bread and other culinary delights for years to come.

Cleaning Tips

While cleaning a lefse griddle, do not submerge or wash in a dishwasher. Make sure to avoid using grease or oil on an aluminum grill to prevent surface damage. Instead, follow these steps:

  1. Brush off any excess flour.
  2. Wash the griddle with water to remove any remaining residue.
  3. If there are still sticky spots, rub flour onto the surface of the griddle.

Lefse griddles should be cleaned after each use, ensuring that residual flour is brushed away and the griddle is washed by hand with water. By following these simple cleaning tips, you can keep your lefse griddle in top shape, ready for your next lefse-making session.

For griddles coated with a non-stick surface, clean gently by hand with soap and water, and dry thoroughly.

Always follow manufacturer directions for proper care of your griddle.

Proper Storage

Correct storage of your lefse griddle is essential to avoid damage and ensure its durability. Before storing the griddle, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and allowed to cool completely. If you have an electric lefse griddle, store it in a dry, cool environment away from humidity and extreme temperatures to protect its electrical components.

How to Eat Lefse

First of all, the round sheet of lefse is cut into quarters or eigths and arranged on a plate for serving. In my family, we almost exclusively eat lefse by buttering it and rolling it into a tube. Then it is eaten by hand...much like a roll or piece of bread, maybe using it to wipe gravy off your plate. We have been known to cut up a meatball or some turkey and roll it into the buttered lefse for an extra treat.

I have heard many people say they enjoy sprinkling their buttered lefse with sugar or cinnamon sugar before rolling. This sounds like a tasty way to enjoy a sweeter version of lefse.


In conclusion, finding the right lefse griddle and tools is crucial for making perfect Norwegian flatbread. By understanding the features to look for, such as a smooth cooking surface, heat-resistant legs, and temperature control, you can confidently choose the perfect lefse griddle for your needs. Additionally, investing in a lefse griddle starter kit can provide beginners with all the necessary tools and guidance to get started. With a high-quality lefse griddle and the right tools, you’ll soon be on your way to enjoying delicious, homemade lefse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else can you use a lefse griddle for?

A lefse griddle can be used for various dishes, such as par-baked pizza crusts, flatbread, tortillas, and pancakes.

Can you use an electric griddle to make lefse?

Yes, electric griddles made from aluminum with non-stick surfaces are perfect for making traditional lefse, pancakes, and other recipes.

What is the most essential tool for preparing lefse?

The most essential tool for preparing lefse is an electric lefse grill.

What are the key factors to consider when choosing a lefse griddle?

When choosing a lefse griddle, size, heat distribution, non-stick surface, and material are all important factors to consider.

How do I clean and maintain my lefse griddle?

To keep your lefse griddle clean and in good condition, brush off excess flour, wash with water, and avoid using grease or oil on aluminum grills.