Top Electric Canner Choices for Safe and Convenient Preserving

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Top Electric Canner Choices for Safe and Convenient Preserving
Ball Electric Canner

Are you trying to find the most reliable electric canner that suits your canning volumes and safety concerns? This article showcases the top electric canner choices of the year. We have reviewed features and reviews to bring you the very best that promise efficiency and ease in your canning journey.

Quick Glance at the Electric Canning Champions

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Gone are the days when home canning meant hours of labor over a hot stove. Today’s electric canners offer a seamless and efficient canning process, making them a must-have for both novice and experienced canners. So, which electric canners are leading the pack in 2024? Here are some top choices:

  1. Best for Digital Precision: Presto Precise Digital Pressure Canner #02144
  2. Best for Multifunctional Use: Nesco/Carey DPC-9SS Smart Electric Pressure Cooker and Canner
  3. Best for Water Bath Canning Beginners: Ball EasyCanner

Each of these top contenders excels in their respective areas, boasting unique features and benefits tailored for different canning requirements. Now, we’ll explore in detail the strength of these electric canners. Click the button below each to see the current price on Amazon.

Best for Digital Precision - Presto Precise Digital Pressure Canner #02144


  • Capacity: 10 half-pints, 8 pints, or 5 quarts
  • Features: Automatic electric pressure system, digital interface, silent operation, excellent insulation


  • Automated controls for precise canning
  • Silent operation
  • Meets USDA Safe Canning guidelines


  • Limited capacity
  • Heavy
  • Extended cooling time due to insulation

The limited capacity and extended cooling time due to insulation were a couple of downsides we noted. In conclusion, this electric canner is an excellent choice if you value precision and quiet operation.

Best for Multifunctional Use - Nesco/Carey DPC-9SS Smart Electric Pressure Cooker and Canner


  • Capacity: 9.5 quarts
  • Removable inner pot
  • Features: Multifunctional use, pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, steaming, sautéing, yogurt making in addition to canning


  • Digital display with numerous preset cooking functions
  • Budget-friendly


  • Less automatic compared to other models
  • Smaller size

The Nesco/Carey DPC-9SS Smart Electric Pressure Cooker and Canner is a multifunctional powerhouse, with numerous cooking capabilities besides canning.

It truly is a jack of all trades. Despite the smaller size, its versatility and budget-friendly price make the Nesco/Carey DPC-9SS a solid choice for those looking for a multifunctional kitchen appliance.

Best for Beginners - Ball EasyCanner


  • Capacity: 21.5 quarts (8 pint or 7 quart sized jars
  • Features: Lightweight, electric water bath canning


  • Simple operation perfect for beginners
  • Efficiently boils water


  • Controls can be difficult to use
  • Hot water bath canning only, no pressure option

The Ball electric canner, known as the EasyCanner, proved to be an absolute pleasure to use for water bath canning. Its simple design made it an excellent choice for beginners, and it operated similarly to an electric kettle, efficiently boiling water. As an electric water bath canner, it performed well in water bath canning, but the absence of pressure canning capability restricts its usage to high-acid foods. Despite this, the Ball EasyCanner is a fantastic entry-level option for those new to the world of home canning.

Decoding the Electric Canner Code

With such a wide variety of electric canners available, how do you select the perfect one for your needs? The key is to compare the essential features that are most important to you. Here, we’ll discuss the importance of electric canner capacity, pressure regulation, and maintenance for safe and efficient canning.

Size Matters: Capacity and Kitchen Real Estate

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Several factors need to be considered when deciding on the appropriate size of an electric canner. Here are some factors to consider:

  • The amount of food preservation you’ll be doing
  • How much your family consumes
  • Opt for an electric canner that can process both pint and quart-sized jars
  • Consider a larger size to increase efficiency by canning more jars at once if space and needs allow.

Secondly, keep in mind your kitchen space. Smaller electric canners are advantageous as they are easier to maneuver from storage to the kitchen counter, catering to users with limited kitchen space. Also, if you have a glass stovetop, it’s crucial to choose a model safe for it to prevent damage and ensure stability during use.

Functionality and Versatility: Beyond Just Canning

Most electric canners, including electric pressure canners, double up as multi-cookers, serving a variety of cooking requirements. They promote versatility by performing both water bath canning and pressure canning alongside standard pressure cooking. Some models, like the Carey Smart Pressure Cooker and Canner, offer various cooking methods including:

  • slow cooking
  • rice cooking
  • steaming
  • sautéing
  • yogurt making

In addition to canning, having the right home canning equipment is essential for a successful and safe process, following the USDA safe canning guidelines.

As you select an electric canner, take into account your cooking needs and choose a model that provides the desired functionality.

Safety First: Understanding Canner Safety Features

Safety should always be a priority in canning. Essential safety features in electric canners include:

  • Removable racks
  • Vent pipe
  • Cover lock
  • Auto shut-off

All of these features contribute to a safe canning process. Some models, like the Presto Precise Digital Pressure Canner, come with built-in safety features such as a cover locking system and an alert symbol for an incomplete canning process.

Remember to account for the ongoing maintenance requirements and the replacement of parts such as gaskets and pressure release valves in an electric pressure canner.


In conclusion, the electric canner you choose should be one that suits your specific needs and preferences. Whether you’re focused on digital precision, multifunctional use, capacity, or safety features, there’s a canner out there that’s perfect for you. Remember, the right canner can save you time, energy, and potentially even food waste, making your home canning experience more enjoyable and efficient.

So, don’t let the myriad of options overwhelm you. Armed with the knowledge from this post, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision. Happy canning!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an electric canner work?

An electric canner works by using a temperature sensor to detect and regulate the exact temperature required for safe pressure canning, without the need for adjustments, even at high altitudes. This makes it the first digital pressure canner that meets USDA home canning guidelines.

Can you water bath in an electric canner?

Yes, you can use an Electric Bath Canner for water bath canning. It's a versatile appliance that can serve multiple purposes in the kitchen.

Is there a USDA approved electric canner?

The Presto canner meets all USDA guidelines for safe pressure canning. It vents the chamber before canning and maintains precise temperatures.

Electric canners are becoming popular for home canning because they offer convenience, speed, and precision, making the canning process more efficient and enjoyable for home cooks.

What is the importance of capacity in an electric canner?

The capacity of an electric canner is important because it determines how much food you can preserve at once. It's essential to choose a size that suits your family's needs.